[Delio] Why SK Issues Tokens? New Era of Corporate Token Begins

Left: James Jung, Middle: MC, Right: Lee Imbok

One of the top 10 South Korean multinational companies, SK recently announced its plans to issue corporate tokens through the SK Square project. Delio’s CEO was invited by Virtual Talk to share his insights on this intriguing topic.

Virtual Talk, a Youtube channel of digital asset talks for blockchain specialists, run a roundtable discussion with James Jung, CEO of Delio, and Lee Imbok, CEO of Secondbrain Lab, on April 5. James is also the Director of Korea Digital Asset Financial Association and Vice-president of Korea Blockchain Startups Association whereas Imbok is the Head of Interactive Books and Adjunct Professor at Korea Banking Institute.

The focus of the debate is to evaluate the current mainstreams of digital financial market, namely corporate tokens being issued by Korean conglomerates.

James counts advantages of corporate token issuance as below:

- Loyal community creation

- Faster integration with other projects

- Reduce product cost

- Sales improvement

- Consumer rewards

- Funding without governance rights

- Web 3.0 advancement

and disadvantages are mentioned as:

- Speculative purpose

- Moral hazard issues

- Possible decrease in product improvement

- Weakening competitiveness

- Closed/exclusive customer ecosystem

He gives close attention to the ICO (initial coin offering) process by saying, “Conglomerates, like SK and Hyundai, have greater advantages compared to medium or small-sized companies in listing their tokens in cryptocurrency exchanges.”

Secondbrain Lab CEO shares his worries, “Corporate tokens might create a closed digital space which is not accessible to traditional customers. Any customer should be respected as shareholders, and business should be built on top of customer-centralized environment.”

The full video can be found via this link:




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