[News] The Outlook for 2019 Blockchain Trends from 9 Blockchain CEOs

Outlook for 2019 Blockchain trend from 9 famous CEOs
  • “In 2019, it will be the year of blockchain’s visible achievements to outstand. I think especially commercial payment projects which are highly applicable will be distinguishable. Also, intensive innovation will be demanded on blockchain companies. Companies that successfully innovate on technology, token economy, business model, management and profit model will only be able to increase their competitiveness. Besides, the increase on centralized blockchain services, appearance of one-dapp mainnet serving only one dapp, active M&As between blockchain companies are predictable.”
  • “The year of 2019 will play as a catalyst igniting the second growth phase of cryptocurrency market led by STO(Security Token Offering) which is interlocked with the real economy(securities, real stakes, etc.) and stable coins which are interlocked with the banks, the central institutes. Thanks to stable coins, the bitcoin will be less influential as a key currency in trading with other altcoins (all coins other than bitcoin), but will more likely to play as an asset like gold.”
  • “Blockchain’s potential will begin to be recognized for real this year. More attentions will be paid on tremendous possibilities in terms of economic and social aspects rather than technical approaches. Blockchain’s core technology will develop rapidly; and it is predictable that a large scale of ICOs centered on dApps that offer more practically innovative values will take place. There will be more various forms of tokenization, token economy and ICO models. Trials on blockchain instrumentation by those current platform dominating businesses will begin in earnest.”
  • “The year of 2019 will be a neck and neck race between the real services using blockchain. Many projects will fail, but I believe services with robust models and technology will innovate the current market.”
  • “The year 2019 will witness more cases for the crypto actually being used beyond as a simple means of investment. Companies will be bringing in simple token economy solutions in an effort to enrich their service values.”
  • “In terms of the investment perspective, there will be a shift to the hybrid form in which the current token investment form takes shares as well. A number of companies being accelerated by businesses in good condition will increase for their business expansion. Had the year 2018 been the year of baby steps, the 2019 is expected to be the time for people in the market actively proposing systems.”
  • “There was a huge gap between the appreciation and depreciation of the price in 2018. While projects and funds with weak fundamentals are having difficulties, the year 2019 is expected to embrace new investment paradigms and groups. Particularly, more attention and investment is being concentrated in the blockchain technology than cryptocurrency and the direction of projects is being focused on its real usability. While a higher interest in traditional funds is growing, withdrawals from the market due to the regulations are taking place at the same place. As the bubbles have been lifted off, a good opportunity would come to us to distinguish between good and bad.”
  • “If the year of 2018 was full of possibilities, the 2019 will be filled with great wars of blockchain contents. Many contents outside of the umbrella so called blockchain will be competing against each other with the contents already dominating the market; and only the ones with strengths in UI and UX will win. In 2019, only those taking competitive advantages on service competence and business models in the blockchain industry will survive with no beginner’s luck.”
  • “In 2019, innovators will be introducing more leading and practical crypto based services, and as these settle down in the market, the government will be expressing rather a tolerant stance on the cryptocurrency. Hence, market participants are advised to restraint themselves wisely from any deviation and are to put effort into designing the initial regulations more market friendly.”




Delio Digital Asset Finance Group, established in 2018, is №1 fintech company based in Seoul, South Korea, with a 600% Year-over-Year growth rate.

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Delio Digital Asset Finance Group, established in 2018, is №1 fintech company based in Seoul, South Korea, with a 600% Year-over-Year growth rate.

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