[SSC_Stable Stake Coin] # 1. How is the blockchain changing money and business?

“DELIO = Stable Stake Coin x H2B”, Delio is a new blockchain economic ecosystem linking home and business, with a decentralized stable coin and decentralized payment gateway (PG).

While introducing Delio, we will have a “Stable Coin” series with four different parts, starting from today. Those of you who are interested in the blockchain industry today might have heard it already before, but let’s still start today’s discussion with Don Tapscott’s talk about “how the blockchain is changing money and business”.

So, how is the blockchain changing money and business?
Don Tapscott is one of the world’s most influential management consultants, ranking fourth among the 50 most influential thinkers in the world according to the “Thinkers 50”, known also as the Oscars of Management Thinking. To my surprise, Tapscott had this speech already two years ago in the TED SUMMIT 2016! I think I am not exaggerating, when I say that the scenery in the blockchain industry has changed many times during the 2 years it has been since the talk. It is fascinating, how it feels like Tapscott was able to foresee the future concerning Delio, as he talked about the exact same things that were the main factors for Delio’s birth as well as the goals we are trying to achieve. Here is a brief summary of what he covered:

“There is a technology that will have the biggest impact in the next few decades: the blockchain.
I think this is the next generation of the Internet,
And we can guarantee great possibilities for not only to businesses and the society, but all of you. “

Right now, we have many problems — centralized management, slow processing time, high transaction fees as well as imbalance of wealth and opportunity being some of them. Nowadays, we rely entirely on giant intermediaries and the problem is getting bigger. Firstly, the centralization of management is a problem, because centralized system is more vulnerable to hacking and as time goes by, getting hacked will just get even more common. Additionally, they exclude billions of people from the global economy: for example, the people who do not have enough money to open a bank account are excluded. Also, it delays work: it can take days or weeks between cities to send money through the wired transfer system. When sending money, intermediaries also receive a large transaction fee. The fee is around 10–20% when transferring to another country.
The intermediaries occupy our data, which means that we can not use it to encashment or to improve our lives — also our privacy is violated. The biggest problem overall is that they have taken advantage of the digital age’s richness in an unbalanced way. While there is creation of wealth, social inequality is continuously growing. Therefore, we need internet of value; unique medium of value without middlemen, encrypted currency, and blockchain technology to achieve prosperity for all, relieving social inequality and redistribution of wealth.

But can we change the way we create wealth in the first place? Meaning democratizing the creation of wealth, engaging more people in economic activities and making it possible for them to receive fair compensation for it.

I will explain five possible ways to achieve this:

  1. Register land ownership in blockchain → Provides possibility for prosperity
  2. Shared economy = Sharing of wealth
  3. Remittance → Low transaction fee and fast transfer processing time
  4. The most powerful asset in the digital age is data → Possible to possess and manage identity information
  5. Compensation for content creators

Tapscott stresses: “the source of prosperity is people, not technology, and the blockchain is the opportunity to solve the problem we have concerning it.” Delio is a fully decentralized economic ecosystem that shares ownership and profits with ecosystem users. “Everyone’s prosperity, relief of social inequalities and redistribution of wealth” that Tapscott emphasized are all included in the ecosystem that Delio wants to implement.

Decentralized stable coin for commercial transactions and Payment Gateway (PG) Delio!
I wonder how Delio will use the opportunity of blockchain for the means to achieve prosperity for all.
Next time we will continue these series with the topic ‘#2 What is the Stable Stake Coin?’

Delio | Croschain Technology

Alyssa Yoon alyssa@croschain.com


Originally written by Delio’s Alyssa in Delio’s blog.

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