SK Telecom’s True Innovation Blockchain Meet-up

Originally published August 24th, 2018 on Delio’s blog.

On the 24th of August, SK Telecom hosted a meet-up at Pangyo SK Planet Supex Hall and the main question discussed was “why is blockchain changing business?”. James Jung, CEO of Croschain Technology & Delio as well as other famous experts of blockchain participated as speakers and presented on topics such as ‘Token Economy Design Methodology’, ‘Business Model that uses Blockchain’ and ‘Insureum Token Economy Design and the ICO Case’.

The presentations were followed by Q&A sessions, and all in all the meet-up was very popular as over 600 people joined. Even though it was a fairly large lecture hall, it could not accommodate all the 600 people, so some audience had to sit on the stairs or settle for the standing places. Still, people were focused on the presentations.

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Mr. Oh Se-Hyun, the head of SK Telecom’s blockchain unit, gave a welcome speech and introduced the upcoming program — Mr. Oh is also the chairman of the Open Blockchain Industry Association.

In the first session, Mr. Kim Jong-Seung, team leader of SK Telecom’s blockchain business development, gave a talk on “Token Economy Design Methodology for Disruptive BM”. It is indeed one of the most important concepts in the blockchain business, and the key concepts and theories of the token economy were explained.

Please refer to the link below for the presentation.

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In the second session, Mr. James Jung, CEO of Croschain Technology & Delio, gave a lecture on “Business Model that uses Blockchain”. He presented about the current status and future prospects of blockchain, how to apply blockchain to a business model, main characteristics of blockchain business models, token economy and ecosystem design, ICO and investment, blockchain related laws and institutions and to conclude it all, he gave us a practical example of a blockchain business. In the Q&A sessions, there were so many questions that the time reserved was insufficient. In addition to questions, there were also many people who shared their personal opinions on the blockchain technology.

In the last session, Zikto’s CEO, Mr. Kim Kyeong-Tae gave us a presentation. Mr. Kim talked about business model application and ICO methods using Insureum as an example. Inserium is a blockchain business project from Zikto.

The SK Telecom blockchain meet-ups are continuosly becoming more and more popular, as the number of regular meet-ups increases. Being conducted by a big company and hosted by SK Telecom’s blockchain research and development unit, the meet-ups get a lot of attention!

As the meet-up was very informative and interesting, we are very excited to join the upcoming events in the future!☺️

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