Realizing True Value of Decentralization and Distribution through Blockchain

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Decentralization and Finance are the biggest issues in the blockchain industry. Among Defi (Decentralized Finance) sector, cryptocurrency lending is the most leading service. Nowadays, there exist numerous centralized platforms that secure mortgages and loans in ‘Semi-Defi’ types based on blockchain technology. Recently in Korea, CEO James Jung from Delio launched a service that can borrow Korean currency (KRW) using cryptocurrency as collateral.

Contribution to the Blockchain Ecosystem Expansion

Delio announced a great leap forward as it has been through the journey to create a new value through blockchain technology as well as creating an ecosystem of decentralizaion and distribution. This whole idea is based on Deliolending, in which the holders of self-issued Delio token can secure their BTC, ETH, or DLO to borrow fiat or cryptocurrency. This late October, Delio will eventually launch the service in Korea as the first to offer exchange based crypto lending service worldwide through Deliolending API. Additionally, users can expect benefit from high scalability and convenience of the service. In August, Delio applied for patent in South Korea and the US which proves its originality of “exchange-based cryptocurrency lending system” via exchange and B2B partnership.

Not only that, Delio is working to spread donation culture thorugh Delipop, a blockchain-based P2P donation platform. Using Delipop, crypto holders can practice sharing with their assets, adopt a transparent donation without an intermediary. Also, transparent donation details can help establish trust between sponsors and beneficiaries. It also does not require a various service fee or activation cost, so the receiver gets 100% of what’s sent. The entire process embeds a healthy blockchain-based donation atmosphere for its users.

Furthermore, Delio will sequentially launch some of the other projects listed below.

  1. B.MAKERS, an enterprise service for companies that want to adopt blockchain
  2. Delio Wallet, a service that excludes a traditional log in feature for various Delio services,
  3. STO (Security Token Offering) Project, which tokenizes intangible assets into tokens, dividends, and voting rights by smart contracts and
  4. Candy Soda, a significant social projects that rewards the value of housework and childcare.

CEO James Jung mentioned, “Delio is a company name which came after DEcentraLIzatiOn”, “We look forward to launching useful models that people can actually experience in their lives” “Our services will improve fundamental awareness of blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as to contribute to the expansion of the blockchain ecosystem”.

Breaking Down “Traditional Awareness” is the Most Urgent Issue

James also said, “the global economy is changing entirely since the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrency”. “However, it seems like South Korea is still long way off from the trend. We should dispel the public’s negative perceptions of the blockchain and deliver net functions for the growth of the digital asset industry”. “We can become a global leader in crypto finance as we simply embrace the new values we bring”.

Q. I heard you support non-blockchain regulation. Is that so?

A. Yes, I believe blockchain and cryptocurrency are opportunities for national growth. If used well, Korean economy can grow significantly in a short time. Therefore, in order to seize the opportunity, we need to focus on the administration, legislation, and judiciary as well as the policies relevant to blockchain, noting the positive functions of them; taking a preemptive response that is acceptable to us. The US, Japan, and some European countries are moving quickly to the trend. There is a good reason for their movement. This is because they know the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency. We also need to act fast.

Q. Your opinion of changing public awareness is dominant. I would like to know what business plans you have.

A. Most Koreans mistakenly understand that blockhcain = coin and coin = investment. However, if you pay more attention to what coins are and how the blockchain industry is being formed, past misunderstandings and prejudices will quickly disappear. To support this idea, Delio plans to expand its business into the education sector — “Delio Academy” through various lecture content and programs at the general education levels. The main target for this will be people with low or no backgrounds of blockchain.

Q. You attempt to access various fields — what are some of the difficulties that you’ve faced along the way?

A. As I’ve mentioned, the negative perceptions of blockchain and cryptocurrency itself is the biggest obstacle. Yet, we have drawn a map of blockchain ecosystem by pioneering a path that others have not been able to. Please remember that the heart of industry is Delio team with sophisticated knowledge and experience.

Q. What are your upcoming plans?

A. It’s been 19 years since I started my own business. Whether long way or short, I’ve not changed my belief during this time. ‘Making the world a better place for people to live’. I’ve chosen blockchain and cryptocurrency as the means and tools to realize my dream, and will do our best to ensure that there is no regret. Stay tuned with what Delio has prepared to accomplish according to our roadmap to become the leading blockchain platform in crypto finance area.

[Originally written in Issue Maker, “블록체인 통해 분산과 공유의 진정한 가치 구현” by reporter Namkeun Kim

October 3rd, 2019 []

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