[News] ‘Delio’- ‘Aston’ Business Co-Operation and Token Swap

[Bang EunJoo, 01.10.2018] Delio’s Croschain Technology and Aston’s X-Block Systems have decided to co-operate. They work together to make a mutual “token swap” and to create a “token ecosystem” helpful for the participants.

It was announced, that Croschain Technology’s CEO James Jung and X-Block Systems’ CEO Kim SeungKi have signed a MOU for business partnership. Along with the partnership, CEO Kim Seungki joins Delio as an adviser.

Croschain Technology pursues ’Delio’-project which is a blockchain platform that compensates for housework. Token’s name is the same as the project’s name: ”Delio”.​ Delio is building a ’H2B (Home to Business)’ ecosystem, with home as the center.

When the neglected home-data is connected to companies, new added value is created and a token to be used in all the economical activities of homes will be developed and supplied.

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X-Block Systems has a blockchain platform called Aston. A token ecosystem called Aston is also being created.

Delio and Aston will expand the token usability through mutual token swap. Additionally, the two companies will co-operate in the joint development of user services and the expansion of user base. The two companies will also join forces in the development of next-generation blockchain technology, and will focus on global business expansion through new market development and marketing activities.

“The Delio Home token is a Stable Stake Coin, which solves the problems concerning stable price that already existing stable coins have ​ as well as improves the investment value” said James Jung, CEO of Croschain Technology. “It is a decentralized payment system, where all of the participants have joint ownership and share profits”, he continued.

“In addition, Delio provides a decentralized ASP-based blockchain adoption service that allows companies to easily and quickly build their own brand’s token economy ecosystem free of charge. This service is called DAAS (Delio As A Service). Delio’s profits go to the Delio’s Reward Pool, and profits are used to compensate for Value Labor such as housework, child care, talent volunteering and so on. Delio shares the profits together with everybody who participates in the ecosystem”, CEO Jung added.​

X-Block Systems’ “Aston” is a decentralized document authentication platform that develops the core technology of multi-dimensional “X-chain” to secure the integrity of electronic documents. Currently, they have two domestic patents, and the PCT international patent application has been completed. As the main-net is scheduled to launch in December this year, Aston was listed on the Singaporean exchange Bcoin in October.

“I’m excited for Delio and Aston tokens’ token swap and rapid growth of the token economy. We will create a strong and safe token economy through the combination of Aston’s X-chain core technology and Delio’s DTP technology”, Kim SeungKi CEO.

Bang EunJoo / ejbang@zdnet.co.kr

[Originally written in ZDnet Korea 01.10.2018 in http://www.zdnet.co.kr/news/news_view.asp?artice_id=20181001140138]

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