[News] Delio and BRP sign a Blockchain Acceleration Contract

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[Daehan Finance Online Team, 7.9.2018] Croschain Technology’s (CEO James Jung) Delio platform is a blockchain company that compensates for value labor such as housework, child care, talent donation, and volunteer activities. On the September 3rd Delio signed an agreement with blockchain accelerator BRPartners on Delio’s acceleration.

Delio is a platform that compensates for the value of housework and child care as well as rewards for all home- and lifestyle-related data coming from households. The compensation is delivered by issuing and distributing Delio tokens. Delio also develops a “Stable Coin” for commercial transactions that can be used on the Delio platform. To enable Delio’s use in payments, Delio tokens are stable in price but they still have the value appreciation function.

Delio’s new accelerator BRP is a acceleration professional that specializes in blockchain consulting, advising and investing in promising blockchain projects. BRP builds a midterm portfolio to provide the basis for seed investments and provides services that connect professionals with relevant companies. BRP has attracted $ 65 million worth of investment in the e-sports project ChiliZ which they are accelerating. Recently they signed a strategic MOU with the Israeli company HEXA.

“Through the agreement with the professional blockchain accelerator BRP, Delio has gained a great steppingstone to enter domestic and foreign markets, and together with BRP we are committed to build a blockchain business that contributes to society while also being able to pursue economic benefits” revealed Delio’s CEO James Jung.

To achieve that, Delio is also discussing partnering up with the blockchain based application program (Dapp) and mainnet developer FLETA.

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