[Global Crypto Assets & Finance Conference 2021] The rise of Decentralized Finance market: The Future of Crypto _ Justin Kang / Head of Strategic Marketing at Delio

  • Global Crypto Assets & Finance Conference 2021
  • Host: Delio, Korea Crypto Finance Association (KCFA)
  • Date: January 27th — January 29th, 14:00–16:10
  • Website: https://conf.delio.io

Session 1: Current Status and Prospect of the Crypto Asset Financial Market in 2021

▣ The rise of Decentralized Finance market: The Future of Crypto

Justin Kang, Head of Strategic Marketing Division, has summarized various issues by dividing the past, present, and future perspectives of the process leading up to the growth of the decentralized financial market, and suggested the future direction of the crypto-financial market.

Birth and rise of Bitcoin

Justin Kang, General Manager of Delio Strategic Marketing, presented four factors for changing bitcoin’s history from 2008 to 2021. The first was the Cyprus crisis, Grexit, Brexit, the depreciation of the renminbi, hyperinflation, and currency reform as the factors for the currency, and the second was Mt.GOX, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Coincheck, etc. He mentioned internal issues such as the bitcoin hard fork dispute as well as the cryptocurrency exchange hacking issues.

Thirdly, countries around the world, including Korea, China, Japan, the United States, and Europe, induce changes in the bitcoin market through regulatory or mitigation policies and legislation on blockchain technology and digital assets, and fourthly, media reports and community issues, and ICO investment. He explained that while listening to issues such as the madness, banks, and global companies’ adoption of blockchains, the factors raised interest in cryptocurrency over time, and based on this, the current cryptocurrency market price was formed.

Cryptocurrency and fintech market, payment settlement

“Bitcoin is emerging as a new financial system,” said Kang, “The reason why bitcoin is emerging as a new financial system is the feature of a currency system where payments and liquidation are performed simultaneously, the growth of fintech companies such as Kakao Bank, the trend of a cashless society, and new financial products such as short-term financial products. “This is because the times are changing with a different paradigm from the existing financial markets, such as the emergence of “.

In addition, “The existing remittance system has issues such as operating costs and errors in the international financial communication network called SWIFT, while technology-based global financial institutions are looking to build a blockchain network and infrastructure, and the need for a new system. “Bitcoin is in the spotlight due to the influence of decentralization in the personal finance sector,” he said. In fact, the number of Bitcoin ATMs around the world is increasing from 4,000 units in 2019 to 14,442 units as of 2021.

The growth of DeFi and the future of crypto finance

The head of the headquarters predicted that “in the future, there will be a tokenization society that converts the rights of assets into digital tokens on the blockchain, and various stable coins based on the theory of money quantity will be issued.” He said, “The modern monetary system is thinking about how to stably manage the total money volume, and through lessons learned from the process of spreading and the cause of the subprime mortgage crisis in the past, we are at the boundary between the original currency and the derivative currency It makes me think about how to look at the DeFi ecosystem.”

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