[Global Crypto Assets & Finance Conference 2021] Opportunities of 2021 on Mining _ Jade Chen / ChainUp VP&Partner of Origin Pool and Kinghash

  • Global Crypto Assets & Finance Conference 2021
  • Host: Delio, Korea Crypto Finance Association (KCFA)
  • Date: January 27th — January 29th, 14:00–16:10
  • Website: https://conf.delio.io

Session 2 : Successful Crypto Asset Investment Plan

▣ Opportunities of 2021 on Mining _ Jade Chen / ChainUp VP&Partner of Origin Pool and Kinghash

Jade Chen said, “As an investment institution with roots in the blockchain industry, ChainUp is currently investing in more than 300 blockchain projects and has a great influence in China, Korea and many regions around the world.” ChainUp Capital and NODE CAPITAL Announced the contents of IPFS’s industrial fund and mining sector, which is jointly conducted.

Sharing the trends of new products in the mining industry

Vice President Chen introduced the digital asset trading system, wallet, liquidity, WaaS consortium, and many segmentation products, along with important mining projects in the IPFS industry. “The team and products are rooted in the technology industry, and at the same time have the corporate characteristics of B2B services,” she said. “If there is a power generation industry of digital assets, there is ChainUp.”

About mining fund investment

Deputy Chairman Chen recommended that ‘Mining Fund’ has long mining experience, can utilize more flexible market preparation equipment, has the abundant production capacity, can maximize overall profit, and shorten the payback period “At the beginning of this year, the founders of NODE CAPITAL cited DeFi, Ethereum 2.0, and IPFS as three promising industries this year.”

Filecoin value and ecosystem

Vice President Chen said, “In terms of the market capitalization of all digital assets, I think Filecoin will surely make a longer-term development, and in the future it will be a mainstream currency.” She said, “The mining ecosystem will be a very great ecological value and added value in the future.” “For the altcoin ecosystem, mining is becoming a trend.”

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