Extra 3% Airdrop to LATAM CASH Deposit Event

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This is Delio, a leading crypto finance company.

We are pleased to announce the LATAM CASH Pre-deposit event.
Before the opening of LATAM CASH finance service, we will give extra LATAM CASH(LMCH) away to whom deposit LMCH in Delio Wallet.

-Information: When depositing LATAM CASH (LMCH) in Delio Wallet, an additional 3% of the initial deposit amount will be airdropped.

-Candidate: LATAM CASH depositor during the event period

-Period: 2020.12.10 after the notice — 2020.12.16, 23:59:59 (for 7 days)

-Payment requirement
1.Minimum 500 LATAM CASH — Maximum 50,000 LATAM CASH
2. Excludes the candidate who withdraws LATAM CASH (LMCH) during the event period
3. Only the first amount is recognized when additional deposits are made to the same account.

-Payment schedule : A batch payment to the LATAM CASH (LMCH) wallet in Delio’s application will be made within 7 days from the end of the event.

Thank you.

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