[Event] 1000 BORA:1 KLAY Airdrop Event Information

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This is Delio, a leading crypto finance company.

Prior to the opening of the finance service of BORA, a Delio’s cooperation partner, we will hold an airdrop event that pays KLAY to those who remit BORA Token into BORA’s Wallet in Delio’s APP. We ask for your interest and participation.

  • Content : Just remit BORA Token into BORA Wallet in Delio’App and done! *First come first served!
  • Target of the Event ㅣ those who remit BORA Token during the event period(First come, first served, until 30,000 KLAY is exhausted)
  • Event Period ㅣ 2020.10.22(Thursday) after notice ~ 2020.11.01(Sunday) until 23:59:59 (10days) *KST
  • Standard of Reward

1. 1,000 BORA Token (minimum) to 100,000 BORA Token (maximum)

2. Those withdraw BORA Token during the event period will not be eligible to receive the reward airdrop

3. When additional BORA Token is remitted from the same account, only the quantity of the remittance of the first time can be recognized

  • Payment Date : will be paid collectively to KLAY’s wallet in Delio’s App within 7 days after the event is completed

How to participate in the event:

1. Simply visit www.delio.io and sign up for the account
2. To generate your private wallet in Delio, please type in your own personal pin code.
3. Transfer your BORA token to your newly generated BORA wallet

Thank you.

[Delio Official Websites]
Delio: http://www.delio.io
Delio Foundation : http://delio.foundation
Delio Lending : https://www.deliolending.com/
Delio Cloud: http://delio.cloud/

[Delio Official Communities]
Telegram [Global]: https://t.me/happy_delio
News Channel: https://t.me/happy_delio_news

[Delio Official Social Media Platforms]
Blog [KR]: http://blog.delio.io
Facebook [KR]: https://www.facebook.com/delio.io/
Medium [Global]: https://medium.com/@delio.io
Twitter [Global]: https://twitter.com/happydelio
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/happydelio

Delio is the Leading Global Enterprise Blockchain of Digital Innovation

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