Delio’s First Listing, New Journey Begins

Hello, it’s James, a leader from Delio

We are happy to announce that Delio will be listed on IDAX, a global cryptocurrency exchange on March 28th. IDAX is a global crypto exchange ranked within the top 10 global rankings with a daily trading volume of 142,000 BTC($561 million USD), fixed asset of US$300 million, 1.2 million users with its services being provided in 87 countries in the world.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Listing means a lot for blockchain companies. Listing itself comes as difficult, but through listing, they not only be evaluated from the market, but also get an opportunity to upgrade their businesses and brand values. Thus, starting from our first listing, we are standing before the start line to our new journey for more opportunities and possibilities.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Delio is “Reality”

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of the ethereum blockchain project was quoted as saying that payment is the most adequate field for cryptocurrency. It’s been ten years since the birth of cryptocurrency. Even though many crypto payment projects have been introduced, we have not been able to buy a carton of ice cream with it yet.⠀⠀

Therefore, Delio is here to solve such problems.

Recently, Samsung has revealed the Galaxy S1O with a cryptocurrency wallet built in. This implies that the future with crypto in real life is just around the corner.

Crypto economy is quite the future of us.

This ‘reality’ point is being evaluated as the strongest point of Delio.

Delio is “Life-Stlye”

Delio will be providing a new type of lifestyle through the means of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Our users will experience a more advanced lifestyle which is more refined, more satisfying, and more valuable. Delio is not merely a blockchain technology but more of a ‘life style’ creating new values in our lives.

In addition, Delio will change the concept of consumer economy. Sellers and consumers will be integrated into one notion; and all users in Delio economy ecosystem will be participating in the governance and sharing profits as a joint owner.


<Delio’s distinctions>

Delio solves “Six problems for payment”

Current crypto payment projects mainly face the following problems: 1) absence of adequate tokens for payment, 2) limits to easy payment model, 3) rewards or royalty models, 4) lack of token circulation economy ecosystem, 5) closed ecosystem and private chain, 6) restrictions from the service expansion to the payment and etc.

Delio is here to solve these problems that the current payment projects are facing.

Delio solves “One-Token Problem”

Technically, all cryptocurrencies can be used to make payments. However, simple actions of depositing and remitting cryptocurrencies do not necessarily make commerce feasible. One big problem of crypto payment is that there is no exclusive token for payment. One token problem means a token playing two functions: utility and security. Unless this one token problem is solved, creating a payment ecosystem running on the cryptocurrency is infeasible. Thanks to Delio’s SSC(Stable Stake Coin, Delio makes crypto currency payment possible by solving such problem.

Delio is a “Programmable Currency”.

Cryptocurrency delivers more values than just a simple medium of exchange or asset. What differentiates cryptocurrency from traditional currency the most is the “programmable” functions. Programmable enables ‘personalization of currency function’, ‘internalization of profit sharing for suppliers’, ‘transformation of monetary notions from consumption to profits and so on. In addition, it will provide ‘User benefits’ and ‘Usability’ which are absent from the traditional currency. We believe programmable is the future of currency.

Delio creates a “Token Circulated Economy Ecosystem”

‘Token Circulated Economy Ecosystem’ represents an ecosystem where tokens being perfectly circulated among these three ecosystems: “Issuance and Expansion of tokens’, ‘Usage of tokens’ and Token trading’. Delio constructs such a token circulated ecosystem.

Delio creates a “united payment ecosystem”

One of the problems of the current payment projects is that only a few big businesses tend to unite and create a singular token for payment, and then allow it to be used within the platform leaving it a closed ecosystem. However, Delio is an ASP method which means businesses in our ecosystem get to issue their own tokens directly by depositing cash. It is not us, Delio issuing the payment tokens. Thus, it is a united ecosystem where businesses will be able to issue and distribute their own tokens depending on their wants and needs. Moreover, not only each token is compatible with other tokens issued by other businesses in our ecosystem, but also cross payment is possible. This is how businesses get to join our ecosystem.

<Delio’s Future>

Delio will continue to be listed on global top crypto exchanges starting from IDAX.

We are targeting to be listed on within the top 10 exchanges with a high volume of actual trading volumes and solidity rather than on an array of exchanges. Moreover, we will expand the OTC market where Delio tokens can be traded to prevent the market price from influencing our value.

Delio has achieved a lot so far. Delio has received good feedbacks from global exchanges. Also, we had double the token holders from event sales at Token Bank compared to other projects. In addition, Delio meetup was ranked the second on the real time searching list of onoffmix; and our articles were searched the second most on the blockchain magazine, THEBCHAIN.


Thank you for your participation and support.

From the members of Delio

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Delio Digital Asset Finance Group, established in 2018, is №1 fintech company based in Seoul and acquired digital asset licenses from Korean and US governments.