Delio Yield Farming, Add Your Additional Profit on Lending!

Hello, We are Delio, a leading digital finance company.

We cannot talk about DeFi without mentioning Yield Farming, so today we are going to tell you about ‘Delio Yield Farming Service’ we recently launched.

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What is Yield Farming?

It refers to the repeated distribution of limited assets to add additional revenue to the existing service. A typical example is the Compound’s yield farming, and it is repeating the transaction to receive the COMP coins of the Compound obtained through the deposit and the lending.

To put it simply, it is a process of receiving COMP coins as compensation if you use lending and deposit services, and through this process, you can make additional profits or investments.

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Delio Yield Farming Platform Lending, DUCATO as a Reward

Delio Yield Farming Platform provides additional rewards by supplying liquidity at a Delio ecosystem. The rewarding token is DUCATO, a hybrid DeFi project.

DUCATO is a hybrid DeFi project that is combined with the advantages of CeFi and DeFi, and it is currently listed on Bithumb Global, Bittrex, and Uniswap, etc.

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One of the advantages of Delio yield farming is that it is not only limited to the DeFi project but also it is available for ERC20 and Non-ERC20 projects.

As it is possible to support various projects with yield farming, it surely has large expandability!

Additional Reward of 0.088% DUCATO if Using BTC Lending Basic

Then how do we get the reward with Delio yield farming?

If you use ‘Exchange Lending-BTC Lending Basic’ among the Delio products, the yield farming reward automatically proceeds.

After the lending application is done, the 0.088% DUCATO of the lending amount is automatically paid, and you will be rewarded for the number of times you use the service.

The yield farming service that Delio ambitiously prepared.

Digital asset lending and additional DUCATO token, create your new profit!

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Delio is the Leading Global Enterprise Blockchain of Digital Innovation

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