Delio X Somesing SSX Staking Program Guide

Delio with Somesing, SSX Staking service program has newly opens on May 24th!

We are very pleased to announce that we are finally opening the ‘SSX Staking Service’ with Somesing.

Below is the details about our staking service.

1. Staking Program Structure

The basic design structure of the ‘SSX Savings Product’ that we have worked hard on is shown below.

As shown in the above structure chart, the ‘SSX Staking Program’ is designed to pay part of its revenue generated in the SOMESING app as a deposit reward, unlike other savings products and the key to our program is “No additional SSX tokens are issued or distributed for the deposit reward pool.”

2. Program Overview

It is a ‘Savings Product’ that SSX holders deposit their SSX tokens as savings asset and SOMESING pays a part of its sales revenue generated within the app based on each holder’s savings amount portion.

The default deposit term is 30 days, and at the end of the deposit period, 16% of the sales revenue generated in SOMESING app will be paid as a deposit reward. In 2021, additional rewards will be given to celebrate the service opening, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

3. What’s different?

Well, let’s see what makes ‘SSX Staking Program’ different from others?

4. Example of Staking Process

Still having difficulties understanding the process? OK, let’s go through step by step.

Let’s say ‘Mr. SOMESING’ deposited 100,000 SSX to join the program.

① Participants who want to deposit SSX are recruited from D-7 before the staking period starts.

② Mr. SOMESING sends 100,000 SSX to the wallet address of savings program.

③ 30days of deposit period pass.

④ At the end of the deposit period, 100K SSX that Mr. SOMESING deposited is returned. Plus, 500K SSX that is offered by SOMESING for promotional reward will be distributed to each participant as a deposit reward based on each holder’s deposit amount portion against the total deposited amount.

⑤ After the revenue generated in SOMESING app during the deposit period is determined, the deposit reward is distributed to the participant based on each holder’s deposit amount portion against the total deposited amount.

⑥ Eventually, ‘Mr. SOMESING’, who deposited 100K SSX, will receive a principal of 100K SSX + Promotion Rewards + SOMESING App Revenue Rewards.

⑦ The higher the revenue generated by the SOMESING app, the smaller the total number of deposits recruited, the higher the rewards that individual participants can receive.

⑧ To sum up, the deposit reward ranges Min. Annual Reward Rate of 6% ~ Max. Annual Reward Rate of 145%! What a great program, isn’t it?

Why don’t you experience our ‘SSX Staking Program’ and enjoy the joy of receiving deposit reward?

Thank you,

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