DELIO, US $3 million Investment fund from NEOECOTECH, energy R&D venture company

Delio, a blockchain project led by Croschain Technology (CEO James Jung), has successfully raised approximately $US 3 million worth of investment funds from NeoEcoTech, an energy R&D venture company.

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NeoEcoTech is an energy R&D venture company specializing in ESS(Energy Storage System), semiconductor equipment, VSRB and etc. It had received the ‘Best Korean Patent Award’ from The Korea Times in 2018. NeoEcoTech is under development of the second generation battery which is inexplosive and whose lifecycle can last more than 20 years in replacement of lithium-ion battery.

DELIO is a blockchain payment platform which provides companies with DaaS(Delio as a Service) solutions for free on SSC(Stable Stake Coin), a token specifically designed for commercial payment use. Recently, it has raised about $US 5 million worth of investment funds from a global OTC market, GLOBIT.

NeoEcoTech CEO, Man Hui Lee says,” I’ve decided to make an investment in Delio project due to a number of reasons: by adopting blockchain and cryptocurrency into the IT manufacturing and distribution system, innovations of manufacturing technology and distribution channels, business expansions into the software platform businesses, new investment method and creations of profit model can be achieved. Delio is not only capable of blockchain technology, but also of stabilized distribution payment services on tokens, uniting all different kinds of fields into one and providing easy access to globalization.

Delio CEO, James Jung emphasizes, “Thanks to the investment we attracted from NeoEcoTech which is in active cooperation with various businesses like large companies and IT fields, we have become able to lay the groundwork for development and adaptations of blockchain technology that ought to be applicable to the manufacturing field. Specifically speaking, when it comes to the industrial distribution, we believe that crypto payment service on Delio can bring about big contributions to adapting a token circulation economy ecosystem.”

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