Delio transfers cryptocurrency donation to rising soccer players through ‘Delipop’

Delio transferred cryptocurrency donation to beneficiaries prior to the official launch of Delipop in this September. The donation process was completed through soccer players’ wallet addresses, as stated by Delipop’s method. This initial test operation carries a sense of encouragement to beneficiaries.

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Delio’s first selected beneficiaries of P2P Donation among rising soccer players

Above is the talented and passionate representatives of Delipop’s first P2P donation. Delipop aims to support rising soccer players who strive to play in major soccer leagues. The contributors will have privileges to grow their selected players.

Delipop allows crypto holders to transfer their assets directly to the receiver through a transparent, P2P donation method. It is blockchain-based and utilizes Delio coin (DLO), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). All donation data is transparent, ensuring security between donators and beneficiaries, and free of a service or transaction fee. Simply, people can use their wallet addresses to either send or receive the donation from worldwide.

Delipop will launch its official website in early September.

[Originally written in Etnews, “ 델리오, 축구 꿈나무에게 ‘델리팝’ 암호화폐 기부금 전달” by Reporter Hyangseon Lee ( hyangseon.lee@etnews.com) August 16th, 2019 [ https://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=101&oid=030&aid=0002835864]

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