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delio summary

1. What is Delio?

2. Delio’s Goal

3. Why do we need SSC?

1) SSC’s Strenghts

2) Programmable Token DELO Supports the Functions Needed for Commercial Payments

3) Delio PG 2.0

4. Why we need DaaS?

1) What are the problems with payment services provided by preexisting cryptocurrencies?

2) What is DaaS?

3) DaaS’s Strenghts

4) What are the benefits for companies?

5) What are the benefits for the members who use Delio?

6) How DaaS benefits investors?

5. Why Delio will Succeed?

1) Already Over 120 Brands Secured to Join Delio Alliance

2) Giving Shape to a Token Circulation Economy Ecosystem

3) Delio’s Unique Main-net Technology

4) Delio has the Best Team, Advisers and Partners.

5) Delio is rapidly building a Global Network with Partner Companies from the UK, Japan, Singapore, the USA, Mexico, Brazil and South-East Asia.

6. Best Team and Advisors

7. The Best Partners

Delio is the Leading Global Enterprise Blockchain of Digital Innovation

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