Delio signs legal consulting contract on cryptocurrency with DR & AJU

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Delio (CEO: Jung Sang-ho), a cryptocurrency financial enterprise, revealed on the 5th that it has signed a legal consulting contract with DR & AJU Law Firm (Managing Partner: Lee Kyu-chul).

As a result of this contract, DR & AJU now solely manages the legal consulting for all businesses and activities carried out by Delio. This consulting primarily includes legal advice regarding the blockchain and digital asset business, the provision of legal opinions regarding Delio’s business and sales activities, legal advice regarding the institutionalization of digital asset and in relation to the Act on Reporting and Using Specified Financial Transaction Information, and other law-related work.

DR & AJU is a large, international law firm ranked as one of the top 10 law firms in Korea with regards to sales. Through this partnership, the firm plans to strengthen further its legal services in the cryptocurrency market, a market that has recently entered the phase of institutionalization.

Delio, one of the largest crypto finance companies that provides cryptocurrency lending services in Korea, currently offers crypto lending through a number of exchanges like Bithumb. It also operates a deposit(saving) service, which enables an individual who has deposited cryptocurrency(BTC) through the Delio platform to receive extra cryptocurrency(BTC) on the expiration date, as well as a cloud mining service that makes it possible for ordinary people to mine bitcoins(BTC) without any mining tools. Recently, it has successfully attracted Series A investments from Honest Ventures and Kingo Investment Partners.

Jung Sang-ho, CEO of Delio, said, “We have strengthened the legal consulting sector as the cryptocurrency market undergoes institutionalization…Building off of the support of a large law firm like DR & AJU, we will be able to provide more stable financial services to our customers.”

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency financial service market has recorded significant growth this year and its potential is acknowledged throughout the industry. According to LoanScan, a platform that provides cryptocurrency lending data, the scale of loans given out worldwide through major platforms (Compound, MakerSCD, and dYdX) in the past year exceeds USD 1.9 billion (approximately KRW 2.3 trillion). It is also known that Bithumb, which released a lending service with Delio this year, has achieved over 40% of the total operating profits earned last year in the first quarter of this year alone.





作为韩国提供虚拟资产金融服务的规模最大的加密金融企业,Delio目前正在向Bithumb交易所等提供虚拟资产贷款服务。此外,顾客通过Delio平台储存虚拟资产时,到期后可获得额外的虚拟资产,并且也可享受在无挖矿设备的情况下普通人也可挖掘比特币的“云挖矿”服务。最近更从Honest VENTURES和Kingkong投资伙伴成功获得A轮投资。


另一方面,进入2020年以来,虚拟资产金融服务市场出现了大幅增长,其发展性得到了认可。根据虚拟资产贷款数据提供平台 — — LoanScan的数据显示,一年内通过主要平台(Compound、MakerSCD、dYdX)实现的全球虚拟资产贷款规模超过了19亿美元(相当于2万3千亿韩元)。另据了解,今年Bithumb与Delio联合推出贷款服务后,仅在第一个季度就达成了前年总营业利润的40%以上。





デリオは、暗号資産金融サービスを提供する韓国最大規模のクリプト・ファイナンス企業で、現在はビッサム(Bithumb)取引所等で暗号資産レンディングサービスを提供している。また、デリオプラットフォームを通じて暗号資産を預けた場合、満期の際、暗号資産を上乗せして支払いする暗号資産サービスと、一般人も採掘機なしてビットコインを採掘できるクラウドマイニングサービスを提供している。最近、アーネスト·ベンチャーズ(Honest Ventures)とキンゴ投資パートナーズ(Kingo Investment Partners)から、シリーズAの投資誘致に成功したところだ。



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