Delio signs a business agreement with Uppsala Security(SENTINEL PROTOCOL), bolsters money laundering prevention and service security

Delio (CEO: Jung Sang-ho), a cryptocurrency financial enterprise, signed a business agreement on the 23rd with Uppsala Security(SENTINEL PROTOCOL), a blockchain security enterprise, in order to prevent money laundering and bolster service security to meet international standards.

Uppsala Security owns technology for identifying and tracking preemptively any illegal virtual asset transactions and offers regulatory authorities and companies an integrated solution for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) that satisfies Financial Action Task Force (FATF) compliance measures.

The anti-money laundering system is a solution aimed to help comply with the anti-money laundering requirements that includes such procedures as verifying customer identity, conducting risk assessment, extracting transactions suspected of money laundering, and reporting suspicious transactions.

Through this agreement, the two companies will develop and establish a system for the introduction of an anti-money laundering service that satisfies international standards, and the companies will also support a solution to enhance service security, including for Delio’s cryptocurrency lending(loan) and deposit(saving) service.

Moreover, they will collaborate on exchanges of data for anti-cryptocurrency laundering as well as conducting joint marketing and PR activities.

Jung Sang-ho, CEO of Delio, said, “We’ve strictly carried out the AML solution introduction consulting to respond to the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in step with the Act on Reporting and Using Specified Financial Transaction Information… We will continue to strive for a higher level of trust and reliability for every customer who uses Delio.”

Meanwhile, Delio launched the “delio cloud,” which allows companies to conveniently establish services that use virtual assets, including cryptocurrency lending and deposit.

The delio cloud is a service through which members of partner company services, such as cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, may quickly and easily use related services like lending and depositing by logging into Delio with the IDs used at the partner companies without the need to sign up for a separate membership.

Delio与Uppsala Security签订业务协议,以实现反洗钱并加强服务安全

加密金融专门企业Delio(代表郑相皓)为加强符合国际标准的反洗钱及服务安全,于7月23日与区块链安全专门企业Uppsala Security签订了业务协议。

Uppsala Security拥有可事前识别并追踪虚拟资产不正当交易的独家技术,同时以管理机构和企业等为对象,提供遵守反洗钱金融行动特别工作组(FATF)承诺的反洗钱(AML)综合解决方案。






Delio云(Delio Cloud)是,加密货币交易所、钱包等合作公司会员在不另外注册会员的情况下,通过使用合作公司ID登录Delio,并便捷地进行贷款和存款等的相关服务。

デリオ(delio)、uppsala securityと業務提携契約を締結 マネーロンダリングの防止及びサービスセキュリティを強化

クリプト・ファイナンス専門企業のデリオ(代表取締役:チョン・サンホ)が23日、国際基準に沿ったマネーロンダリングの防止及びサービスセキュリティの強化のため、ブロックチェーン・サイバーセキュリティ専門企業のuppsala securityと業務協約を締結した。

uppsala securityは、 暗号資産の不正取引を事前に識別・追跡できる源泉技術を保有しており、規制機関・企業等を対象に、マネーロンダリングに関する金融活動作業部会(FATF)のコンプライアンスに準するマネーロンダリング防止(AML)の統合ソリューションを提供している。


今回の事業提携契約により、両社は、国際基準に沿ったマネーロンダリング防止サービスの導入に向けたシステムの開発及び構築を行い、デリオの暗号資産レンディング及び 暗号通貨預けサービスのセキュリティ強化のためのソリューションをともに提供する。




デリオ・クラウド(delio cloud)は、暗号資産取引所やウォレットなどの提携社の会員は、別途のアカウント登録なしで、提携社で使用しているIDのままデリオにログインし、レンディングや暗号通貨預けなどの関連サービスを簡単に早く利用できるようにするサービスだ。

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Delio Digital Asset Finance Group, established in 2018, is №1 fintech company based in Seoul, South Korea, with a 600% Year-over-Year growth rate.

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Delio Digital Asset Finance Group, established in 2018, is №1 fintech company based in Seoul, South Korea, with a 600% Year-over-Year growth rate.

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