Delio rewards Housework and Childcare

Originally published August 28th, 2018 on Delio’s blog.

Delio aims to value and compensate housework and childcare, as its goal is to promote value-centered lifestyle and to realize a decentralized local community economy. Delio rewards full-time housewives as well as regular employees who practice housework and childcare, only excluding professional housekeeping assistans from its Value Labor reward system.

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With Delio, homes and businesses get directly connected with each other, so that home data which has been neglected till now — such as data concerning food, clothing, education, culture, finance, health, leisure etc. — and the quality data that a company possesses will be mutually shared. This enables companies to use co-creation for their benefit in the development, distribution, and marketing of their products as well as customer management while reducing costs. Families can receive quality services directly from companies with a variety of economic benefits. Sensitive personal information is not shared and the privacy of homes is not disclosed. An offline local community network is also going to be established.

We will contribute to local economy revitalization and job creation by establishing local community economy regionally. With Delio’s own exclusive shopping mall and PG, you can pay for all your commercial transactions with Delio, thus eliminating all the unnecessary transaction fees that come from using intermediaries.

According to Professor Kim Jun-Young from Sungkyunkwan University, housewives’ housework in 2017 was at a monthly average of 1 450 dollars, with an annual salary of around 17 400 dollars (with the GDP deflator). The economic value of domestic household labor was revealed to take up to 21–33% of GDP: ~6 % of men’s GDP and ~17–27% of women’s GDP.

According to the Korea Women’s Development Institute, the monthly salary of full-time housewives would be about 3 280 dollars and the annual income would be almost 39 500 dollars. According to the UN, 75 percent of the world’s unemployed workers are women and they are estimated to account for about 15 to 50 percent of each country’s GDP.

In the UK community aids the domestic labor, and the United States and Switzerland have established special laws to better the situation. Although the Korean government has issued official statistics on domestic labor and its economic values ​​as well as has recently made efforts to recognize the household labor women do, it is impossible for the government to compensate them economically. With Delio, economic compensation is available to those who do housework and childcare.

Delio is a social project that solves social problems. Delio is a meaningful model that can kill two birds with one stone: we solve social problems while realizing economic profits.

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