[Delio] Delio Launches Ripple (XRP) Deposit Products Up to 7% Annually

We are humbled and excited to annouce that from now on you can earn 7% APR on Ripple (XRP) with Delio!

Last week, we launched the 1-year deposit product for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum with an APR of 15%.

Once launched, it received an enthusiastic response from long-term investors. In just 2 weeks, the deposit amount exceeded $27 million.

According to our investigation, there is almost no Ripple (XRP) deposit product in the domestic market, which means we have occupied most of the Ripple (XRP) deposit market.

Before the launch of the 1-year deposit for XRP this time, we have been launching the 3-month and 6-month deposit products from last month. Since the launch of these products, inquiries about long-term product from customers have been steadily incoming. Therefore, in the future we will keep introducing a variety of financial products such as stablecoins and altcoins so that customers can diversify their portfolio selections.

Please visit our official site to apply now!


Delio Site:

Global: https://delio.global

Korean: https://delio.io

Delioswap: https://delioswap.finance/#/swap

Twitter: https://twitter.com/happydelio



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