Delio Launches ‘Delio Liquidity’ to Provide BTC liquidity

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A leading crypto finance company Delio (CEO James Jung) announced the launch of “Delio Liquidity Service”, a professional liquidity service for companies and institutions.

Delio Liquidity is a service that provides major virtual assets such as bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to large companies and institutions in worldwide.

In the blockchain market, there are frequent cases of difficulties in funding virtual assets, and the needs to solve these problems have become the topic for a long time, however Delio Liquidity service is expected to resolve these issues.

Companies and institutions can receive a variety of virtual assets, including bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and others in large quantities through the Delio Liquidity service, and can apply through the website

An official from Delio says, “Delio Liquidity is a necessary service for the virtual asset market that requires liquidity, and Delio already has achieved a high customer acquisition from domestic and overseas corporate clients. Delio has continuously developed and launched various services necessary for the virtual asset market. We will take the lead in the development of the virtual asset market”.

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