Delio launches DeFi Cloud Service

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Delio (CEO: Jung Sang-ho), a cryptocurrency financial enterprise, officially launched “delio cloud,” which will firmly establish DeFi services, including cryptocurrency lending and deposit(saving) of cryptocurrency.

The delio cloud enables cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, asset management companies, and other businesses to conveniently establish cryptocurrency Defi services.

The company stated that the advantages of introducing delio cloud for cryptocurrency financial businesses, such as exchanges, include ▲ establishment of quick and easy lending and deposit service ▲ securing of funds needed for lending ▲ expansion of liquidity thanks to increases in deposits as a result of lending fees and the inflow of external assets ▲ stable operation of funds through integrated controls ▲ creation of additional profit through profit sharing of businesses ▲ settlement of cryptocurrency regulation issues (regulation risks) ▲ provision of various investment opportunities through set collaterals and lending articles ▲ participation in the cryptocurrency DeFi alliance ecosystem with BP.

In particular, delio cloud is quick and easy to introduce and services such as lending and depositing can be conducted via an existing cryptocurrency exchange ID without the need to sign up for separate membership. Additionally, security has been bolstered with data loss prevention (DLP) and identity and access management, according to the company.

Currently, Delio services are being offered through the Bithumb exchange and, in reality, Bithumb members are using Delio’s lending and deposit service with the Bithumb membership IDs. When using Delio, collaterals are not transferred to Delio but instead stored in the Bithumb exchange, which can be checked by the members themselves through their wallets. This has received positive feedback from users.

Jung Sang-ho, CEO of Delio, said, “Delio cloud has achieved automation of the lending process through programs and smartcontracts, and is able to quickly and safely process information from application to the deposit of lending… With the increasing need for companies in cryptocurrency services, Delio, a leader in crypto lending and deposit(saving), and its DeFi cloud services will be the solution.”

Meanwhile, today’s cryptocurrency market is expanding around the DeFi project. According to DeFi Pulse, the DeFi data provision platform, the lockup value of the DeFi protocol has exceeded USD 2 billion (about KRW 2.4 trillion), and large exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, and Bittrex are competitively listing the Compound protocol.



Delio云(Delio Cloud)可让加密货币交易所、钱包、资产管理公司等事业者轻松构建虚拟资产DeFi服务。

据悉,交易所等虚拟资产金融企业引进Delio云后,有以下优点:可构建便利又快速的贷款及存款服务;确保贷款时所需资金;通过收取贷款金增加存款量及通过引入外部资产扩大流动性;通过综合管制实现稳定的资金运用;通过事业者收益共享创造附加收益;解除虚拟资产限制问题(Regulation risk);根据抵押物和贷款物的设定,提供多种投资机会;通过BP参与虚拟资产Defi联合生态系统等。

特别是Delio云可简便、快速地引进,无需另外注册会员,即可通过现有交易所的ID使用贷款、存款等服务,同时通过防止数据流失(Data Loss Prevention.DLP)、身份确认及访问控管(Identity and Access Management)强化了安全性。


Delio代表郑相皓表示:“Delio云通过程序和智能控制实现了贷款程序自动化,能快速且安全地处理从申请到贷款入账的全部过程。企业对虚拟资产服务的需求不断增加的情况下,虚拟资产贷款、存款领域的领先企业 — — Delio推出的DeFi云服务将成为其解决方案。”

此外,最近加密货币市场呈现以DeFi项目为中心扩张的趋势。据DeFi信息提供平台DeFi Pulse透露,DeFi协议锁定价值已超过20亿美元(2万4千亿韩元),Coinone、Coinbase、Binance、Bittrex等大型交易所都在争相上市COMP代币。



デリオ・クラウド(delio cloud)は、暗号資産取引所や、ウォレット、資産運用社などの事業者が、暗号資産の分散型金融サービスを簡単に構築できるようにする。

暗号資産取引所のような暗号資産金融事業者がデリオ・クラウドを導入する場合、▲簡単で早いレンディング及び暗号資産貨サービスの構築、▲レンディングに必要な資金の確保、▲レンディング金の入金による暗号想通貨量の増加及び外部資産の流入による流動性の拡大、▲統合管制による資金の安定した運用、▲事業者利益シェアによる付加利益の創出、▲暗号資産の規制リスク(Regulation risk)の解消、▲担保物とレンディング物の設定による様々な投資機会の提供、▲ブロックプロデューサー(BP)による暗号資産の分散型金融(Defi)連合エコシステムへの参加などのメリットがあると明かした。

特に、デリオ・クラウドは、導入が簡単で早く、別途のアカウント登録は不要で、既存の暗号資産 取引所のIDでレンディング・ 暗号通貨預けによる収益提供などのサービスが利用でき、データ損失防止(Data Loss Prevention;DLP)及びアイデンティティとアクセスの管理(Identity and Access Management)を通じてセキュリティーを強化したと明かした。



一方、最近の暗号通貨の市場は、分散型金融プロジェクトを中心に広まっている。分散型金融情報提供プラットフォームのDeFi Pulseによると、分散型金融プロトコルロックアップの価値は20億ドル(2兆4千億ウォン)を超え、コインウォン(Coinone)、コインベース(Coinbase)、バイナンス(Binance)、ビトレックス(Bittrex)などの大規模の暗号資産取引所等が先を争ってコンパウンド(COMP)トークンを上場している。

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