Delio is Providing Service through ChainUP to about 30 Providers around the World.

Delio (CEO Jung Sang-ho), a specialized Defi firm, concludes a partnership with ChainUP (CEO Zhong Geng Fa), a global digital asset exchange platform, to extend digital asset services to providers around the globe.

Singapore-based ChainUP is a subsidiary company of Node Capital that is estabilished by Du Jun, a Huobi Co-Founder. They provide integrated solutions in the form of cloud including trading platform for spot goods, futures, OTC, ETF for the estabilishment of exchange entities, and wallet, market making platform. Currently about 30 exchanges such as CoinTiger, CoinNeal, MXC, Biki are using built solutions equipped with ChainUP technology.

ChainUP is being operated by around 200 developers in Beiging R&D center, and they are currently very active after establishing branch offices in South Korea, Japan, etc.

The partnership with ChainUP allows Delio to provide financial services such as virtual asessts lending, deposit, swap for about 30 exchanges aournd the world.

“ChainUP has global exchange networks, providing exchanges in China, Japan, USA, etc. with their serives. With ChainUP, we expect making Delio’s way into the world will be gaining momentum” said a Delio official.

In addition, Delio has partnerships with not only ChinaUp but also Jinse, a blockchian industry service medium and one of the subsidiaries of NodeCapital. Furthermore we are operating Delio’s column within the Jinse media. We also launched hybrid Defi DUCATO protocol combining Delio’s existing serives with Defi, and get the company listed on the Bittrex, one of the American exchanges. It all proves that we are speeding up extending our services around the globe.


Defi专业公司DELIO(代表 Jeong SangHo)与全球加密货币交易所平台ChainUP(代表 钟庚发)建立商业合作伙伴关系,将虚拟资产金融服务向全世界交易所拓展。

总部设在新加坡的ChainUP是由Huobi的共同创立人Du Jun设立的Node Capital的子公司,以云(Cloud) 形式提供用于构建交易所的期货、现货、OTC、ETF等交易平台和钱包、做市(Market Making)平台等综合解决方案。现在CoinTiger、CoinNeal、MXC, Biki等30多家交易所正在使用应用ChainUP技术的构建型解决方案。




而且,除ChainUP之外,DELIO还与NodeCapital的子公司之一区块链专业媒体金色财经(jinse)建立合作伙伴关系,在金色媒体内运营DELIO专栏,在DELIO服务中推出结合Defi的混合型Defi DUCATO协议,使其在美国交易所Bittrex上市,并加速拓展全球服务。

デリオ、 チェーンアップ(ChainUP)を通じて、全世界 30以上取引所にサービスを提供

ディファイ(Defi) 専門企業デリオ(代表チョン・サンホ)が グローバル 仮想通貨取引所プラットフォームチェーンアップ(代表種ゴンパ) と、ビジネスパートナーシップを締結し、暗号資産金融サービスを世界中の取引所に拡大する。

シンガポールに拠点を置くチェーンアップ(ChainUP)は、フォビ(Huobi)の共同創業者であるドゥジュン(Du Jun)によって設立されたノードキャピタル(Node Capital)の子会社で取引所を構築するための現物、先物、OTC、ETFなどトレードプラットフォームや財布、マーケットメーキングプラットフォームなどの統合ソリューションをクラウド(Cloud) の形で提供している。現在 CoinTiger、CoinNeal、MXC、Biki30以上の






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