Delio, H2B x Stable Stake Coin x DaaS

We are very excited to introduce Delio for the global audience. Delio is a blockchain company based in Seoul, South Korea and we are creating a new token economy ecosystem, which includes homes, companies and the local community.

Delio creates and shares new economic and social values by connecting homes and businesses with the help of blockchain technology, providing decentralized stable coin and decentralized PG services suitable for transactional payments. Our ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem where all ownership and profits are distributed and shared.

Delio consists of three main concepts: H2B, SSC, and DaaS.

H2B means the Home-to-Business model, that Delio has designed to connect households and companies through blockchain ecosystem. Delio uses the valuable home-data that has not been utilized till now to build a “decentralized local community economy”, creating economic and social value that is beneficial to not only businesses but also to homes.

SSC is the never-seen-before “Dual Token Pairing”-based stable coin: Stable Stake Coin. We are going to take the lead in the application of tokens in the real-life economy. SSC’s specialty is that it is designed to be applicable for commercial transactions: the problems with preexisting stable coins i.e. price stability and the lack of investment value have been solved. SSC has made it possible to build the perfect token circulated economy ecosystem.

DaaS is short for Delio as a Service, which is a platform service that enables companies to create their independent blockchain ecosystem as “a co-owner” of the nerwork. Companies in Delio network adopt their own token ecosystems through ASP method: companies can easily and fastly construct their own token economies without the investment needed to develop their own Dapp or mainnet. Just by being a H2B partner of Delio, the companies can get the same — or even better — benefits as they would by developing a Dapp or a mainnet. It is not only a lot easier and faster, but they can also exchange mutual benefits with other companies who are part of the “Delio Alliance Ecosystem” to create more value. On top of it, it is free of charge to use it!

Through the Delio project, we will use the unique features of SSC to solve the regional economic imbalance caused by centralization and the inefficiency of the current economy. Additionally, we make it possible to realize compensation, that everyone should be justified to receive from data sharing. The Delio blockchain will create a world in which we can enjoy a fully decentralized ecosystem and create new values through joint ownership and shared profits.

In the next posts we will discuss Delio and Delio’s values in more detail, as well as share articles, information and interesting news about us as well as our partners!


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Delio is the Leading Global Enterprise Blockchain of Digital Innovation

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