Delio forms business alliance for cryptocurrency Tech-Fin with Danal FinTech

Delio (CEO: Jung Sang-ho), a cryptocurrency financial enterprise, signed a business alliance agreement for the purpose of vitalizing cryptocurrency services with Danal FinTech (formerly Paycoin), a blockchain affiliate of the integrated payment business enterprise Danal.

Danal FinTech is the blockchain affiliate of Danal, one of the nation’s(Korea) leading payment solutions, and it provides digital asset payment services through Paycoin (PCI) and its own wallet. It is also the country’s largest digital asset payment agency, with over 450,000 members and 60,000 franchises currently.

Through this agreement, the two companies have decided to collaborate on ▲ technical partnership for the provision of cryptocurrency services and ▲ marketing promotions and joint projects utilizing their platforms. In the future, Delio plans to offer the Paycoin (PCI) collateral lending and deposit services utilizing “Paycoin (PCI),” internally developed by Danal FinTech, through the delio cloud.

The delio cloud helps cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, asset management companies, and other businesses conveniently establish cryptocurrency Defi services and has notably robust security thanks to data loss prevention (DLP) and identity and access management.

Jung Sang-ho, CEO of Delio, stated, “Through the MOU with Danal FinTech, we will actively dedicate ourselves to the popularization of digital asset payments and financial Tech-Fin technology as well as the vitalization of the industry… Delio will continue to develop and expand services so that more people are able to utilize virtual assets in a variety of ways.”

Meanwhile, Delio launched the “delio cloud,” which allows companies to conveniently establish services that use virtual assets, including cryptocurrency lending and deposit.

The delio cloud is a service through which members of partner company services, such as cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, may quickly and easily use related services like lending and depositing by logging into Delio with the IDs used at the partner companies without the need to sign up for a separate membership.


加密金融专门企业Delio(代表郑相皓)与综合结算商务专门企业 — — Danal的区块链子公司Danal金融科技(原PAYCOIN)签订了旨在激活虚拟资产服务的事业合作协议。

Danal金融科技是韩国代表性结算解决方案 — — Danal的区块链子公司,通过PAYCOIN(PCI)和自家钱包提供虚拟资产结算服务,目前拥有45万名会员和6万多家加盟店,是韩国国内最大的虚拟资产结算机构。


Delio云(Delio Cloud)可让加密货币交易所、钱包、资产管理公司等事业者轻松构建虚拟资产Defi服务,还能通过防止数据流失(Data Loss Prevention.DLP)、身份确认及访问控管(Identity and Access Management)来确保高度安全性。



Delio云(Delio Cloud)是,加密货币交易所、钱包等合作公司会员在不另外注册会员的情况下,通过使用合作公司ID登录Delio,并便捷地进行贷款和存款等的相关服务。





デリオ・クラウド(delio cloud)は、暗号資産取引所や、ウォレット、資産運用社などの事業者が簡単に暗号資産の分散型金融(Defi)サービスを構築できるようにし、特に、データ損失防止(Data Loss Prevention;DLP)及びアイデンティティとアクセスの管理(Identity and Access Management)による高いセキュリティ性を誇る。



デリオ・クラウド(delio cloud)は、暗号資産取引所やウォレットなどの提携社の会員は、別途のアカウント登録なしで、提携社で使用しているIDのままデリオにログインし、レンディングや暗号通貨預けなどの関連サービスを簡単に早く利用できるようにするサービスだ。

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