Deliolending Expands Annual Cryptocurrency Loan Scale of ₩180 Billion

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On 28th, Delio’s cryptocurrency secured loan service named Deliolending claimed its loan scale will be ₩15 billion a month and ₩180 billion a year (approx. $12.3 million USD/month and $150 million USD/year).

Delio provides ‘B2C Loan’ and ‘EB (Exchange-Based) Loan’ through Deliolending cryptocurrency lending service.

B2C Loan offers a direct loan of ₩ (Korean currency, Won / KRW) for DLO (Delio token), BTC, and ETH. As of now, offline service has generated sales and consequently increased its monthly loan scale up to ₩15 billion and annually, ₩180 billion. In September, B2C service will expand online through wallet and partners.

EB Loan service lends cryptocurrency to users with collateral for their coins or tokens held on the exchange. Exchange users have the advantage of being able to get loans without selling crypto and can choose to borrow either cryptocurrency or KRW. EB loan service is coming soon. Lending service will be offered in the form of API to exchanges around the world.

Deliolending has recently completed PCT patent application on ‘exchange-based cryptocurrency secured lending system’ in South Korea and the United States.

According to a representative of Delio, “We are currently working on system development that will help users experience convenient and reliable crypto secured loan service” … “We will continuously follow up on rapid-growing cryptocurrency market trends and raise our maximum loan amount”.

[Originally written in ZDNet Korea, “거래소 기반 암호화폐 대출 ‘델리펀딩’ 미국과 국내 특허 출원” by Reporter Yukyeong Lim (

August 28th, 2019 []

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