[Delio] ‘Delio Bank’ Service Launch

Delio Bank?

Delio Bank is a cryptocurrency service that allows users to freely deposit and withdraw crypto assets while earning compound interest and profits. Furthermore, Delio Bank allows users to instantly apply for all Delio ecosystem financial services such as loans, savings, swaps, NFT purchases, and much more.

Features of Delio Bank:

1. Easy to deposit and withdrawal

Delio Bank offers fast deposits and withdrawals along with the whitelist withdrawal method and a high-level security system that keeps customers’ safe.

2. Additional interest earnings

Delio Bank provides daily compounding interests for BTC, ETH, XRP and we are planning to expand the list later.

3. Delio Bank security policy

Whitelist withdrawal method
- Any modification with the wallet will get the following notification to the account owner to prevent abnormal activities.
Differentiated decentralized withdrawal method
- Unlike the centralized withdrawal exchange method, where the exchange approves the wallet owner’s withdrawal request and transfers crypto assets, Delio Bank uses a decentralized withdrawal method to withdraw crypto assets directly after receiving approval from the blockchain node.
Private withdrawal authentication
- Delio Bank, certified with MSB, VASP, and ISMS, provides a trustworthy service, so no one may take crypto assets from Delio Bank except the genuine owner.



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Delio Digital Asset Finance Group, established in 2018, is №1 fintech company based in Seoul and acquired digital asset licenses from Korean and US governments.