Delio, DeFi Yield Farming Platform Official Launch

A leading virtual finance company Delio(CEO Sang-Ho Jung) disclosed on 5th that it will officially launch ‘Delio Yield Farming Platform’, a key trend of DeFi protocol.

Yield Farming is a token rewarding process to provide a liquidity at a DeFi ecosystem and it refers to the operation of assets by reinvesting the compensation to financial services such as higher deposits for additional revenues.

For instance, Compound provided liquidity with its platform and paid the governance token COMP to the loan service users as a compensation to receive attention in the virtual asset market. After then with the launch of aggregator service, which decentralized exchanges such as 1Inch Exchange and yEarn Finance(YFI) specialized in yield farming, yield farming was positioned as a main keyword in the DeFi market.

For the existing Yield Farming, it was possible only for the DeFi project, but for Delio it is possible for also Non-DeFi project and Non-ECR20 projects. Then the yield farming becomes possible for most of the blockchain projects.

According to an official at Delio, the yield farming will be provided for the projects that use the Delio wallet.