Delio and Luniverse meet Technological Partnership Agreement for Blockchain Activation

Blockchain platform Delio and service platform Luniverse formed a strategic partnership for upcoming business interactions.

Luniverse is a service blockchain platform of Lambda 256, a technology research center established by Dunamu, that runs Upbit. Luniverse suggests Baas 2.0 as its cloud-based solution to unify pre-existing blockchain services to attract mass consumers. It can apply Dapp, Dex, and etc. to implement blockchain products and services.

Delio provides a blockchain platform of SSC (Stable Stake Token) to handle one token problem, Mainnet with Dapp integration, and crypto financing features. Recently, Delio’s brand-new cryptocurrency security loan business, Delifunding and enterprise blockchain project named, ‘B.MAKERS’ have been launched to promote Delio’s mission — blockchain market activation.

Being Service Partners, Delio and Luniverse will consistently cooperate to maintain a stable platform to generate positive implications to the global blockchain market.

Delio and Luniverse Partnership for South Korean Blockchain Market Activation

[Originally written in ETNews: 델리오-루니버스, 블록체인 활성화 위한 협약 체결” by Reporter Lee Hyangsun( July 22, 2019, []

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Delio is the Leading Global Enterprise Blockchain of Digital Innovation

Delio is the Leading Global Enterprise Blockchain of Digital Innovation