Delio and Coinin Form Strategic Alliance for Crypto Lending Service

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cred. Riccardo Annandale,

Crypto lending is on the rise as crypto holders are looking to secure liquidity and leverage effects without selling their assets. Accordingly, the number of crypto security lenders is increasing internationally.

On 4th, Delio announced that it has formed strategic alliance with Coinin for crypto lending service, ‘Deliolending’.

Deliolending is a service that provides cash or crypto loans with three cryptos secured by Delio (DLO), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH). The main difference of the service is that it allows crypto exchange users to borrow easily and quickly on the exchange. So far, the amount of secured loan fund is ₩280 billion KRW (approx. $240 mil. USD). Currently, Delio is cooperating with a global exchange and plans to launch the service for worldwide crypto holders.

Allen (CEO of Coinin) is also in charge of a global blockchain association in Singapore called Block Global. Coinin will start marketing with technical crypto media and incubators of China, Taiwan, Korea and Southeast Asia

James (CEO of Delio) mentioned, “This business cooperation with Coinin will help us accelerate market entries in China and Southeast Asia. It’s a great opportunity to expand into the global market”.

[Originally written in etnews, “델리오, 코인인과 암호화폐 랜딩사업 전략적 제휴” by reporter Hyangseon Lee ( on 4th, November 2019

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