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Delio will hold a large-scale global virtual asset finance conference online for three days from the 27th to the 29th, where virtual asset finance experts from around the world gather to present the current status and development direction of the global virtual asset market in 2021.

The world-class companies specializing in virtual assets including Korea, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Southeast Asia, will participate in this conference. The programs are divided into 3 themes to discuss deeply Defi, Custody, OTC, Wallet, Traditional Finance, Investment, Law, and System.

We ask for your interest and expectation in the “Global Crypto Assets & Finance Conference 2021”, where we will share the current status of the virtual asset market and key financial issues plus, present the future financial blueprint of virtual assets to the industry as well as the general public. …

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  • Virtual asset lending service collaborated with Bybit
  • Create synergy through joint marketing and promotion

Delio announced that they have signed a business cooperation contract with Bybit, the cryptocurrency (virtual asset) derivatives exchange, and Delio will expand their crypto-finance business such as virtual asset lending and deposit.

Bybit, established in 2018, is a Singapore-based virtual asset derivatives exchange that supports leveraged transactions, builds global recognition, and has 1.5 million users worldwide. As 15–20% of Bybit’s total transaction volume occurs in Korea, the plan is to actively support services for Korean users.

Delio expects synergy through this partnership by joint marketing and promotions. In addition, Delio will provide their own financial services such as virtual asset lending, deposit, and swap to Bybit’s platform as well as develop new business models for virtual assets. …

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In order to store various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin or Ethereum, you must have a ‘virtual asset wallet’.

The wallet is essential not only when using Delio’s lending or deposit services, but also when storing virtual assets.

We would like to introduce Delio’s wallet service that boasts strong security.

l What is a virtual asset wallet?

When it comes to wallets, you often think of things you carry with money, credit cards, and ID cards. It would be easy to understand that a virtual asset wallet literally stores and manages virtual assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Basically, the virtual asset wallet supports deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrency, and each company’s wallet has a different withdrawal process. …

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l 数字资产钱包是什么?



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Delio signed a business partnership with Wenergy, a global blockchain consulting company, and started full-scale overseas marketing in the Chinese market.

Wenergy is a global blockchain consulting company headquartered in China, provides marketing integration consulting services. They manage about 30 blockchain companies with global funding, technology, strategy, and business development in overseas markets including China, the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Wenergy is based on a high understanding of the blockchain industry, they have signed partnerships with famous projects such as Indodax, Pionex, Celo, IOST, Solana, Greencore, Cabin VC, Fortube, and Troy to actively support the international performance of blockchain industry partners in China. …

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Delio opens a big event with Bybit. If you sign up for Delio’s membership and deposit bitcoin on Bybit, you can receive a reward of up to KRW 220,000.

■ Event Period: 2021.01.14 (Thursday) ~ 2021.01.27 (Wednesday)

■ Target: Delio members (NEW or existing) who deposited bitcoin into Bybit’s account

■ Rewards: When Delio members first deposit Bybit

  • 0.1BTC = $100 USD worth of BTC
  • 0.2BTC = $200 worth of BTC payment

■ Payment date: After deposit, the reward will be paid to your Bybit account within 3 business days.

※MUST check the precautions in the attached image.
🚨 Caution! Repeated application is not allowed, so please submit ONLY ONCE. …

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Delio (CEO James Jung) signed a contract with Ledger and started a business in virtual asset custody with Bitcoin.

Ledger provides cryptocurrency wallets and custodial services that can safely store customers’ virtual assets in 165 countries around the world, and they are evaluated as a global company in the custody field along with Bitgo.

In particular, Ledger is equipped with five-level security elements such as Multi-Authorization Hardware Security Module (HSM), Personal Security Device (PSD), and a security operating system BOLOS, to secure strong protection. …

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To celebrate the new year, Delio presents the first mega-event.
ALL NEW members who joined Delio’s service will receive 10,000 KRW (about $10).

Please check the details below :

■Period: January 8, 2021 ~ January 21, 2021
■Participant: New members who joined Delio’s service during the event period
■Rewards: 10,000 KRW worth of BTC in the Delio wallet (Limited to 10,000 people on a first-come, first-served basis)
■Payment date: After the event ends, a batch payment to the BTC wallet in Delio within 7 days

※MUST check the precautions in the attached image.
🚨 Caution! Repeated application is not allowed, so please submit ONLY ONCE. …

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Delio has opened a 12% annual BTC and ETH savings services.

Each service allows customers to deposit BTC and ETH anytime they want, and the deposit maintains for 3 months from the date of deposit approval.

At the end of the deposit period, interest can be paid along with the principal.

By adding Delio’s Yield Farming service to the existing 12% annual interest rate, customers can receive an additional 4% annual yield.

Apply today ->

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Dear valued customer

2020 has passed, and the new year of 2021 is coming.

We sincerely thank you for your warm interest and love for Delio Ducato over this year.

In the New Year of 2021, we wish everyone’s health and overcome the pandemic as soon as possible.

We wish you happy holidays, be safe & secure at home.

We hope you a lot of happy things with Delio in 2021.

Best regards,



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