Today, we gathered the issues that occurred in the Korean DeFi market in the first quarter of 2021.

Several Korean research institutes analyzed that the growth of decentralized finance (De-Fi) services, which have grown 75 times the market size over the past year, has been recognized by global regulators and governments as crypto assets.

It is interpreted that the DeFi market has been able to grow rapidly due to the global unity of the concept of crypto assets used in DeFi and the establishment of national crypto-asset regulations.

The Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT) and the Korea Internet Security Agency…

Available at Money Tree franchise stores, such as CU, GS25, Hollys Coffee, etc

Delio (CEO James Jung), a company specializes in Defi, made a partnership with a fintech company Galaxia Money Tree to launch a payment service using Bitcoin in earnest.

Delio and Galaxia Money Tree recently announced that they signed a business agreement to settle Bitcoin payments and started making Bitcoin payments through Galaxia Money Tree’s digital asset exchange platform “MONEY TREE” on the 21st.

Galaxia Moneytree is an affiliate of Hyosung Co., Ltd. that specializes in fintech that provides electronic payment, O2O business, and living finance platform services. The platform “Money Tree” has been leading the simple payment service industry since…

Representative of Delio, Jung Sang-ho appeared in the 7th episode of Economic Warfighter Koon on Korea Economic TV, which aired on April 16th. We have a heated discussion on cryptocurrency bitcoin investment, kimchi premium, domestic cryptocurrency regulations, and prospects, which have become issues recently, and share views on the questions and concerns of investors in the constantly overheating cryptocurrency market.

In less than four days, the number of YouTube views has already reached more than 220,000. You can feel high interest in the virtual asset and cryptocurrency market.

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News Article from ChosunBiz

What if you do not go through financial companies such as banks and securities companies when you normally do financial transactions? Maybe someone asks if you are already doing that when sending money to someone, like toss or Paypal, but if you think about it, you still need to have a debit card or bank account.

Illustrated by Ahn ByoungHyun

DeFi, an abbreviation of Decentralized Finance, emerged with the intention of overturning this situation. DeFi refers to finance based on blockchain or virtual currency without an intermediary financial company. …

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Expansion of DeFi related services such as exchanges

Delio, the number one company in Korea, deposits $1.5 billion

According to a report recently released by the Korea Capital Markets Institute (KCMI), DeFi (decentralized finance) services have grown 75 times in one year. In Korea, it is emerging as a killer content in the blockchain industry along with NFT, led by Delio.

DeFi refers to financial services based on digital assets (virtual assets and cryptocurrencies) provided through a blockchain. It supports financial services such as deposits through smart contract functions without central institutions such as exchanges or banks.

The Capital Markets…

  • Capital Market Research Institute publishes a report on the growth of the DeFi market and its implications.
  • DeFi 75 times increase in 1 year… Impact of global digital asset regulations.
  • “Blockchain technical limitations and regulatory uncertainties need to be resolved.”
The Capital Market Research Institute evaluated that the expansion of the utilization of digital assets and securing legal status promoted the growth of the DeFi market through a research report on the growth and implications of the DeFi market published this month. /Source: Newsis

[Financial News] Research institutes analyzed that the growth of decentralized finance (De-Fi) services, which has grown 75 times the size of the market over the past year, has been recognized by global regulators and governments for their legal status on digital assets.

It is interpreted that the concept of digital assets used in DeFi is becoming unified around the world…

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In an article from Blockworks, “New Zealanders Can Now Bank on Bitcoin for Retirement,” Delio CEO James Jung was quoted.

The overall story of the article is that New Zealanders use virtual assets as part of their retirement plans, and a local fund manager has allocated 5% of the New Zealand retirement fund to Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin is going to gain big popularity as an alternative investment product and will become an essential part of an investment portfolio mixed with stocks and bonds,” James Jung, CEO of Delio, a Korea-based cryptolending provider, told Blockworks.

Details of the article can be found in the article below.

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Based on the research from March 9 to 22, 2021, the Capital Market Focus published by the Korea Capital Market Research Institute studied the growth of the emerging DeFi market.

□ DeFi refers to a decentralized financial service using digital assets based on a block chain, and the market size is rapidly expanding and rapidly rising.

□ The growth of the DeFi market is due to the expansion of the use of digital assets and the legal status of global regulators and governments.

□ Interest in DeFi is increasing in that it can provide various financial services without intermediaries, but…

Justin Kang, Head of DeFi Busines at Delio (Photo from BlockStreet)
  • Delio, a fast- growing global crypto finance company
  • DeFi, high popularization of smart contracts and staking
  • “Delio leads the domestic market and is expanding in the global market”

The amount of assets staked in the DeFi service reached a record high of $45.58 billion. This is a huge amount of 51,8472 billion in Korean currency KRW. Following last year, interest in DeFi, a decentralized finance company, is on the rise.

Justin Kang, who is in charge of DeFi business strategy at Delio, predicts, “If the era of metaverse opens, the world of DeFi will expand further.” Delio is growing into…


Delio is the Leading Global Enterprise Blockchain of Digital Innovation

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