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  1. 最具革新性的国家,梦想在韩国成为全球性人才

奥列格·斯马金是东欧首屈一指的俄罗斯莫斯科高等经济大学(National Research University Higher School of Economics, HSE)国际经济专业人才。这所大学是获得了俄罗斯政府的大力支持成长起来的大学,也是俄罗斯国内大学中最积极接受海外先进教育系统的地方。


A.我在俄罗斯学习国际经济时,对东亚,尤其是韩国的经济增长产生了兴趣。说到大韩民国,人们常说它实现了被称为”汉江奇迹”的惊人经济增长,我认为从独裁政权到民主主义、从发展中国家到发达国家的变化过程具有戏剧性。以俄罗斯为例,由于各种利害关系,经济、政治等国家主要系统的增长速度比较慢,如果学习大韩民国的增长体系并加以应用,俄罗斯也可以实现快速的经济增长。据世界经济论坛(World Economic Forum, WEF)每年发表的资料显示,韩国一直是世界上最具有革新意义的国家,因此决定在韩国发展我的职业生涯。



Source: Korea’s crypto market is among the strongest — and the strangest — in the world (cointelegraph.com)

Delio was introduced on Cointelegraph! Check out the content below.

Between strict capital controls and regulations, Korea’s cryptocurrency industry is so closed off that Bitcoin commands a steep premium and DeFi is in its infancy.

On a day in which Bitcoin crashed briefly to $30,000 in a rampant bear market, the leading cryptocurrency never got anywhere close to that on…

Delio with Somesing, SSX Staking service program has newly opens on May 24th!

We are very pleased to announce that we are finally opening the ‘SSX Staking Service’ with Somesing.

Below is the details about our staking service.

1. Staking Program Structure

The basic design structure of the ‘SSX Savings…

Today, we gathered the issues that occurred in the Korean DeFi market in the first quarter of 2021.

Several Korean research institutes analyzed that the growth of decentralized finance (De-Fi) services, which have grown 75 times the market size over the past year, has been recognized by global regulators and…

Available at Money Tree franchise stores, such as CU, GS25, Hollys Coffee, etc

Delio (CEO James Jung), a company specializes in Defi, made a partnership with a fintech company Galaxia Money Tree to launch a payment service using Bitcoin in earnest.

Delio and Galaxia Money Tree recently announced that they signed a business agreement to settle Bitcoin payments and started making Bitcoin payments…

Representative of Delio, Jung Sang-ho appeared in the 7th episode of Economic Warfighter Koon on Korea Economic TV, which aired on April 16th. We have a heated discussion on cryptocurrency bitcoin investment, kimchi premium, domestic cryptocurrency regulations, and prospects, which have become issues recently, and share views on the questions and concerns of investors in the constantly overheating cryptocurrency market.

In less than four days, the number of YouTube views has already reached more than 220,000. You can feel high interest in the virtual asset and cryptocurrency market.

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