2021 Cryptocurrency Market Outlook

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Delio Labs represents the prospect of global and Korean cryptocurrency markets in 2021.

It is a total of 5 series, organized across various fields of cryptocurrency-related industries, and is provided in a summary so that you can quickly grasp the contents.

  1. What is the forecast for the Bitcoin market in 2021?
  • Bitcoin time will be continued in 2021
  • Institutions and corporations in North America are expected to increase their share of the Bitcoin market.
  • Full-fledged market entry of new individual investors
  • The number of new interested individuals will increase, but it will take some time to buy.
  • Investment scale is in the order of ‘Institution/Corporation -> Existing Individual Investor -> New Individual Investor
  • Statistically, the highest returns in the year following the half-life of Bitcoin.
  • Succeeded in converting recognition into a successful global digital asset.

2. What is the market outlook for altcoins?

  • The growth of altcoins will stagnate due to the strong bitcoin, and the market cap will be further reduced.
  • In contrast to Bitcoin, altcoins’ market regulation will become more severe. In particular, the US SEC is expected to regulate altcoins in earnest.
  • Technology companies such as mainnet are expected to be second-handed in terms of capital and regulations
  • Projects in the DeFi field are expected to continue to grow.

3. Exchange supremacy is moving from East Asia to North America

  • North American exchanges are expected to occupy most of the global top 10 exchanges.
  • As the market share of crypto-investment institutions in North America is rapidly growing, it is affecting the hegemony of the exchange.
  • Large global exchanges are expected to reduce or withdraw their local offices by country.
  • The dominator of Binance is a spectator point.

4. The number of global cryptocurrency holders is expected to exceed 100 million

  • Increased inflow of new individual investors, mainly Bitcoin and DeFi projects.
  • For more details, please refer to the University of Cambridge report.

5. In Korea, the market will still be driven by individual investors.

  • In 2021, Korean institutions are expected to enter the cryptocurrency investment market.
  • Not due to the low interest of cryptocurrency investment, but because of regulations.
  • In contrast to the global trend in which cryptocurrency investment is shifting toward institutions, South Korea is still a market centered on individual investors.

6. Individual investors in Korea remain strong

  • Korea market accounts for more than 10% of global cryptocurrency investment
  • The amount of private investment in Korea is twice that of China and 5 times that of Southeast Asia.
  • Korea’s third-largest cryptocurrency investor in the world by individual standards

7. Acceleration of cryptocurrency financialization around DeFi and CeFi

  • Various cryptocurrency derivatives will release.
  • Investment will expand to new digital assets beyond cryptocurrency
  • Spotlighting the STO again.

8. Galapagos Syndrome in the Korean crypto market

  • Korea is lagging behind China and the United States in terms of technology despite the government’s policy of developing blockchain technology, and business innovation is also on the decline.
  • While private investment is active, cryptocurrency-related companies are losing competitiveness, and several projects led by traditional large platforms will monopolize the market.
  • Exchanges must lead the cryptocurrency market, but it is difficult because of regulations.
  • In Korea, the adoption of individual investors is slow in terms of the use of decentralized services, DeFi, and MetaMask.
  • Ironically, the reason for falling behind in global trends is the growth of the Korean cryptocurrency exchange ‘KRW Market’.
  • In conclusion, Korea’s cryptocurrency market will deteriorate further and go against the global trend.

※This is for reference only, and for details on the 2021 virtual asset market outlook, please refer to ‘Delio Report’


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Source: Delio Labs

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