20% additional reward event to commemorate the launch of DUCATO’s first financing service (Savings)

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This is Delio, a leading crypto finance company.

To commemorate the launch of the DUCATO’s first Financing service, we are holding an event that rewards all depositors of DUCATO saving service with an additional 20% (APR) of DUCATO. We ask for your interest and participation.

Details: 20% DUCATO rewards for all DUCATO Depositors’ in the Delio Deposit Program

Recruitment Period: 2020.11.02 (Mon.) ~ 2020.11.04 (Wed.) (3 days)

* Total savings period 11.5(Thur.)~12.4(Fri)(1 month)

Participation criteria

1.Total and maximum quantity: 100,000 DUCATO

2. Minimum quantity: 10 DUCATO

Benefits> interest of savings based on quantity will be paid on the basis of 30% per year,20% additional to be paid compared with the current 10%

Payment date: within 7 days after the savings ends

Thank you.

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