[01etc] NFT becomes closer! Enjoy the NFT functionality on mobile.

▪️ Display the NFT curations displays at once

▪️ Improved accessibility for the convenience for always-on mobile users

01etc NFT Marketplace Mobile Version Launch

NFT works minted on 01etc NFT marketplace, powered by Delio, has now accessible from mobile devices.

01etc NFT Marketplace announced the release of the mobile version of the marketplace for always-on mobile users to enjoy NFTs anytime, anywhere with the enhanced user design of the webpage. The company explains that it provides the same service environment as a PC version without the need for installing a separate app.

The mobile version allows users to enjoy NFT artworks, as well as quickly and easily access various NFT-related information such as the price of the artwork, sale end time, work description, and ongoing NFT exhibition held by the marketplace.

Speaking up with further details, by implementing the main screen as a rolling banner, the user can enjoy the monthly special exhibitions. The NFT projects and artists included in the special exhibits of 01etc NFT Marketplace are chosen by a qualified NFT curator. Providing more details, the event “Discovery of Summer” included five Korean best artists.

Furthermore, users may quickly evaluate usage perks to be provided for both, creators and collectors, such as transaction fee exemption and token rewards.

An official from 01etc NFT Marketplace stated, “We have integrated the mobile version of the website to increase the accessibility and convenience of the usage.” “We will keep working on the developing features that can be utilized faster on mobile devices in order to increase service satisfaction,” he added.

About 01etc

01etc is an NFT marketplace, powered by the leader in the crypto market service provider Delio, for both creators and the traders that provides differentiated services through the exemption of transaction fees, DSP (governance token) rewards for NFT minting, and all-kinds-of-transactions. Moreover, the service plans to develop NFT-backed loan and NFT rental services in the near future.

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